UISP Ciriè Settimo Chivasso and UISP Alessandria meet the director of the Alessandria prisons

New, very important event for the SPIRITS Projec. On Monday, January 14, two members of the UISP Territorial Committee Ciriè Settimo Chivasso – the Director Roberto Rinaldi and the Project Manager Francesca Di Feo – and three of the Territorial Committee UISP Alessandria – the president Mara Scagni, the member of the National Board and the Ethics Committee Franco Gatti and the member of the UISP Alessandria board as well as professor, Roberto Sartori – have met the Director of the San Michele Prison, Elena Lombardi Vallauri in order to discuss some aspects of the SPIRITS project. “The Director has immediately proved to be very helpful, not only opening the doors of the prison facility for all the young people involved in the project, but also offering a formative contribution to the training of these subjects”, explained Di Feo on his return from the meeting. From 9th to 12th April there will be 5 days of transnational training event, during which the volunteers will meet the operators who already work inside the structure, know the inmates who practice sports, attend the sports activities carried out by the operators of the UISP Alessandria, as well as visit some areas of the prison and have lunch inside the canteen managed by the inmates themselves. At the end of the meeting the group made up of the members of the two UISP Territorial Committees visited another beautiful local reality, that is a Social Cooperative that hires people with Down’s syndrome, former drug addicts and ex-convicts.

Following these days, the next fundamental appointment for the project is scheduled for the end of September, when all the partners will go to Plovdiv, in Bulgaria, for a first local training event -so only with Bulgarian volunteers- and to have the second intermediate meeting, where any critical issues will be analyzed and the most relevant aspects underlined.