The organisation UISP Cirie Settimo Chivasso belongs to the Uisp (Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti). It is a “Sport for all” association with the aim to extend the right to practice sport to everyone. Sport for all is well connected with the ideas of health, life quality, education and social relations. Sport for all interprets a new right of citizenship: it belongs to the “life policies” and has a significant experience with a number of competitive activities.
UISP Cirie Settimo Chivasso promotes inclusion through sport activities by recognizing and evaluating the needs of people no matter of the differences of age, abilities, disabilities, sex differences, different motivation for practicing sports. The only one difference which it fights against social inequalities and lack of equal opportunities.
UISP Cirie Settimo Chivasso organizes champioships and tournments in different sports, like football, volleyball and running.
Over 30 different Sports are practiced by the member of the association, including swimming, ski, tennis, aquafitness, nordic walking, climbing, dance, gym and many other
The total number of members last year was around 16.000, including direct members and members of the affiiate sport associations.
In our association we have around 600 sport instrutors/trainers in 30 sports, 80 of which are working directly for our Committee and the other are working for the affiliate sport associations.

Main sources of financing are membership contributions, Regional Contribution, EU grants for projects. The organisation is managed by a management board of 13 persons, lead by the president Ferruccio Valzano.


The Foundation is a non-profit organization with no religious or political purposes, established to carry out socially beneficial activity for meeting the following objectives:

  • Development of active civil society
  • Popularization of the legislation
  • Policies and strategies for development of the European Union
  • Increasing the knowledge of Bulgarian citizens for the European integration process
  • Supporting and expanding the opportunities of disadvantaged people: unemployed, women, adults, people living in bad social conditions, people with disabilities, youth.

The Foundation implements the following activities to meet the objectives:

  • Organization and implementation of seminars, trainings, study visits (traveling for the purpose of study) for organizations and people from the target groups
  • Organization of media and informational activity in the sphere of European integration
  • Assisting organizations, companies, local and educational institutions for the application of European development policies, participation in programs of the European Union and European collaboration networks.

The Foundation has very good partnerships with schools, local and regional authorities, orphanages, local and regional media in Plovdiv region. Media in Bulgaria has reflected Courage Foundation initiatives reaching hundreds of thousands ordinary citizens in their everyday life and making them reflecting on important issues.
Authorities of the Foundation are: Chairman, Executive Director, Founders – donators, and respectively Donators Council.


Association Sport for All Suceava (AJSPT Suceava) is a non-profit organization at regional level, a non-governmental organization, officially recognized by the Romanian Justice Ministry since 2002.Also in 2002, our organization was officially recognized by the Ministry of Youth and Sport as a sport organization. Our objectives are:

  • Promoting the benefits of sport and physical education, tolerance and fair-play, healthy lifestyle
  • Organize sport activities for all ages and social condition
  • Releasing mutual programs, aiming at developing activities for disadvantaged people.
  • Developing in partnership activities in schools and university.
  • Enhancing the human resources and specialists in volunteering
  • Promote activities in nature and ecology
  • Develop programs and projects for youth in sport, culture and social field.
  • Organize training for young leaders and sports instructors, develop activities for youth and with youth.
  • Develop specific activities in social inclusion of people from disadvantaged groups: children, women, unemployed, young people, immigrants, ethnic minorities, detainees and other disadvantaged groups.
  • Develop voluntary activities and training volunteers in accordance with European and national legislation.
  • Act to prevent and combat violence in sport, promote the prevention and control of the use of prohibited substances and methods of influencing irregular sports results
  • Develops and conducts training, formal and non-formal in accordance with the law.


Freedom Gate Greece was founded in June of 2012 with purpose to combat all forms of social exclusion of vulnerable groups. Our scope is to provide psycho-social support and services as well as to promote information for our target groups which include mainly all parties involved in the criminal justice system.
Freedom Gate Greece is particularly sensitized on issues concerning prisoners’ children, juveniles, and at-risk youth and we give emphasis and focus our activities on these target groups. Through our programs we strive to reduce the negative effects of incarceration, to fight recidivism and to take precautionary measures concerning youth at risk (of offending). In addition to the programs for the aforementioned target groups, we offer a range of other services which are all free of charge:

  • Group therapy programs
  • Group Anti-Depression Program.
  • Group Program for the Management of Social Anxiety and Education in Assertiveness.
  • Group Program for the Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder with or without panic attacks
  • Psychosocial support of individuals with disabilities
  • Educational programs and training of correctional staff
  • Training for professionals and volunteers who work with or for our target groups
  • Conducting research and studies on issues related to our purpose
  • Awareness raising, interventions and proposals in public debates on issues related to our target group
  • Legal counseling


UISP Alessandria-Asti promotes sports in its ludic-motor sense, non-competitive and competitive, with training and recreational purposes. One of the many goals of the organization is the diffusion – in sport and, through sport – of a culture of rights and equal opportunities, and of an environment of solidarity, recognizing sport as a right of citizenship and as a resource for inclusion. The educational function of sport both in individual growth and in the community is fundamental. UISP Alessandria promotes an active lifestyles focused on physical activity that is also based on cooperation, even in its decentralized form, developing a culture of sharing choices in a community context that follows the principles of participation, co-responsibility, non-violence and sustainability as well as the culture of legality for the fight against the mafia and every form of crime. The UISP committee of Alessandria-Asti promotes and implements activities of general interest, including the production and exchange of goods and services of social utility, according to mutualistic and solidarity principles.